Revamping New Jersey’s Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Council (NJDOT, Rutgers/VTC & Parsons Brinckerhoff)


SGB designed and led all public/stakeholder outreach efforts to restructure NJ’s Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Council (BPAC) to better meet the State’s needs. This work included designing and facilitating a strategic planning retreat, as well as working with a project steering committee to determine the appropriate mission and structure of BPAC. In tandem with this stakeholder outreach effort, SGB also conducted research to support recommendations for restructuring BPAC, including drafting mission/goals, outlining the membership of the Executive Council and operational aspects of BPAC. SGB also prepared the formal bylaws that govern BPAC’s structure and operations. Dr. Blickstein also facilitated several BPAC meetings, including convening the newly restructured Executive Council, to assist with the transition to a new structure.

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